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OFFICIAL UGG Boots Sometimes the wind yi will unconstrained imagination to way, since the harp is a great mood calm, does that also mood letting a person is domestic violence, even directly affect people's soul and spirit of caused extensive damage rate?
And now, the wind yi seemed to find a feeling, of trance, he was back to his for a lifetime-Taoist priest, he was revealed in the scam was angry mob killed in the master had presented a strange humming a song and rhythm, Taoist kill the Wolf, just because he possessed later that in the Taoist body, so the Taoist memory is only dull feel this song with a strong ShaFa of Italy, listen to his head weng weng ring, waves the crack of pain. Now such a recall, suddenly feel the rhythm and liu smoke when playing the rhythm of almost feeling, only effect is vary widely.
UGG Boots 2011 Then, whether mastered this peculiar rhythms, no matter into harp, songs, YinShi even just pure crazy roar in, all have the same effect? When liu smoke a song of stop, the wind yi came to her side, signal hint she conceded position, he wants to try looking for that kind of rhythm. The wind yi close their eyes thoughtfully for a while, and began to pick the strings. Liu smoke thought yi play tunes sure wind and the last general with spiritual, but soon she will know that wrong, because the wind yi fiddling with the strings completely disorganized, sounds harsh, just like a bird, no, a crowd of crows desperately in with the sound of song.
Buy ugg boots harlie, etc and the soldiers are trying to endure inferno, dare to speak anger, who let the wind yi is their immediate OSS? Liu smoke just to deplore looking at his BaiYuFei XueQin, in the Lord is just under a spoiled. Just quickly, liu smoke will realize what, in surprise at the closed eyes, but has ShaFa but gradually on the meaning of the wind yi. The messy harp gradually become coherent, but almost all people face have changed, only sleep this harp such as essence into his mind in general, the rampage is in soul will beaten into pieces, a lot of people covered immediately ears, but found that completely useless. "Honk" the sound hissing sound, the wind yi body an earthquake, from some kind of artistic concept, awake all people, including liu smoke all hell like looking at him. He knows that he has found, the artistic conception and his commitment to the magic scroll drawing general, spirit when sporadic, as long as slowly slowly groping after they will become familiar with much easier. how can we JinFengGe soul harp?" Liu smoke shocked asked.
"Do not learn to you?" The wind yi anointed the a beads, and laughed. "I......" Liu said the smoke only a word, then closed mouth, do the Lord was a beautiful genius, draw magic scroll she also taught only again, and after that he would throw in wujiang river city fifty black iron magic scroll and two bronze magic scroll to sell, though she didn't believe it really was the wind yi to draw. But now he is pop up the soul harp, the harp can produce many effect, but the most difficult to learn the injury of the soul soul sound the enemy she was completely at the end of the society. If this is all he in these days to learn, that he really terrible. Along with the stay in the wind yi side day more and more long, liu smoke also more and more confused, she told her he has produced a difficult has said the feeling of the oracle, and began to indulge his heart close to him, to find his heart like enveloped in mist, hard to see through. Every time he thought to understand somewhat, but he always give you a big shock.
UGG 5815 Classic Tall BootsNow finally understand what she and smoke liu yi why always feel the wind between almost anything, not from the end is he really open his door, not her not come close to, but he has been rejected. When two hearts cannot really close, will not have true love, because no response of love can only be unrequited love it, and love is mutual. But she wanted to break and then stand, unless she can enjoy the true love, even if only a second. The wind yi sit to liu next to smoke, stretch out a Wolf in her claws sweet shoulder and asked: "what's the matter? The beautiful clouds, it is not seen my fairy so outstanding balance heart?" Liu cloud suddenly leaning, will head pillow in the wind yi's shoulder, his arms in his waist, his side waist can even feel her chest that two regiment full soft.
The wind yi is not YiZheng, before he that will hand on her shoulder eating tofu, but she never is motionless, natural he would not more than distance, going too far is not a good thing. "You don't fall in love with ShenWu wise of me." The wind yi feel heart beat some speed up. "Maybe, and later don't call me, that I smoke cloud fairy?" Liu smoke smell the wind yi the flavor of body, no human imagination in the inferno xing rashness taste, it is a kind of warm warm smell nice breath, it makes her heart is not a sigh, feel heart a fall again. The wind yi was silent for a moment, and his mouth way: "smoke, in fact I think I have to tell you one thing, the real pure love is not to contain any impurity, you think upon me, and then made for broken with so obvious purpose, how may have true love produce?" Liu smoke YiZheng again, the in the mind think back to the east and vertical and horizontal words, she just thought the problem of between two people is because of east and the withdrawal of, don't let her heart really close to him.
Cheap ugg boots "If one day you forget your mind, forget your experience, forget the broken up, and then perhaps we can produce between true love." The wind yi patted liu a thick cloud of powder back, push away she got up to the other side. Had he told liu for cloud and then made the purpose is the induction she falls in love with himself, and these days he also perceive her near upon him, and not he deliberately evades her, but in the know she is so obvious purpose of after he may not will open to accept his heart. He is not a good person, and again the life course interweaves through so he can, in order to achieve their goals, by hook or by crook. But only love in his heart had been at the end of the contamination, holy and such as the silt but don't dye the white lotus, love is not cheap goods, want to can, take heart to change.
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cheap ugg boots
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