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UGG Boots 2011 Hisui Catholic, yuan each other directly gold god launched against cold, they see the ZuLong appearance, will know that party cold strength is not negligible, but the unprecedented enemy. Two people can't snub, a big catch, five fingers and approach, their respective enjoying himself the most of violent kill recruit, dissolve the ZuLong attacks. Banging bang... ... Continuous explosion, party of dragon tactic cold chemical was blown to pieces. Be two big Catholic thoroughly to dissolve, the two big god means, extremely bad, between a swing at will, can the evolution of infinite kingdom come. All the breath of chemical dragon tactic, fundamental alternative them.
OFFICIAL UGG Boots In fact party now eight department of cold FuTu strength, at will fly out, even HuangFu avenue such expert can the hold, but hisui Catholic, yuan gold than HuangFu avenue god to don't know how many times the violent, chemical dragon tactic is all natural helpless them, but can consume them out of a lot of power. All were breached a chemical dragon tactic, the power of the party is just a mountain as the sea, struck again come over. The two big Catholic, is now entirely became the party the touchstone of cold, his body nature of many pieces artifact, can be in the fight of refining thoroughly, and gave him an endless series of power.
At the same time, the party in the body, had 19 way day king of refined into , all around the time of the WangFo at rotation, as if ZhongXingPengYue. Party cold in the forehead, collect a lot of magic weapons and materials, 12 pieces holy product, cuts 26 a WangPinXian implement, to the feather huang, strengthen the feather door, but for the way jun 19 days, and did not give out, because he suddenly found that these days prince for world WangFo at the start has very big effect. The world is at the WangFo king, that is king of the level of superior casting, higher than the day king a level, so the day jun around this way , completely surrendered, ZhongXingPengYue, in party cold body formed a huge circulation, improve the party constitution of the cold, and even make he kept the digestion day king avenue, even WangDaDao fairy. So now the party cold, every experience a battle, qi concussion, the doctrine is a fallacy. His potential. "Materialized dragon tactic, eight department FuTu and, indeed, is a treasure, but it is too small for us, our strength, not you can imagine." Hisui day active killing heart.
UGG Sheepskin Cuff His body a earthquake, 8864 wang zhe full breath, the ghost cry god eagerness, heaven and earth shock, every breath of the wang zhe into a WangPinXian implement, blots out the sky, make up the big array. This 8864 a WangPinXian device, and is not a set of, no thirty-three days his treasure that magical function, but can form a big ZhenFa, put all the vigour are aroused, heaven and earth are enveloped in half, can see god kill god, see the Buddha kill Buddha. The ancient imperial level player a involved, it is completely dead. These WangPinXian device in, the most severe of is a magic lantern, shining, the flame of above presents the xuan yellow color, the flame burning breath, it's like the taste of the blood of the mysterious yellow, a little bit a rotating, can put people completely burned to death. This lamp in, brought up a statue chaos the ancient god, can't see clearly we are. The ancient god of chaos on various situations play method, encourage the power of absolute being light, make the light yellow lights shining on the xuan everlasting, dark in the direction of the future for ability. The light into the dark future layer, making the front the bright way, through the other shore.
The rest of the WangPinXian device, or tripod, furnace, jean sword, flute shaw...... ... Eighteen weapon, Musical Instruments, everything, every weapon, all have the spirit of patrolling the king, the king some spirit, itself wants to be strong and the earth with longevity, combined, evolved into large array, to the emerald Catholic endless help. A recruit a display, form as if reversed, and countless doctrine began to spin, the party had a cold shrouded in them, will be refining"Ha ha ha......" Yuan god saw this scene gold, laughing: "hisui is on the Lord, you 8864 thing, this is the WangPinXian since ancient sealed, just steadiness of oppression, although I I a unconvinced, but in the sixty-four WangPinXian device is really bad thing, I have to admit, especially the lamp that the xuan yellow, but the lamp of the ancient a big emperor Catholic, who had" the sky lanterns failure, their own fall of institutionalized a lamp, already have the product for the quality, all right, I will cast out the yuan gold refining I mostly, I wish you a helping hand, refining the statue and madness!"
Yuan gold god with a roar, immediately overhead, off the a city to the shape of the weapon, is all the glittering, this city is great, as the capital of a country, inside pedestrians, people come and go, all is a gold SIMS, carriage, all kinds of gold creatures, lifelike, just as it is a country of gold, gold of the universe. This is to fix for his life, concise and become "yuan gold mostly", and claims to be "gold universe". He will direct the universe gold scored 8864 thing is all of the product. The two together, the party cold imprison, thoroughly refining. "Don't know anyway, this a little bit of magic weapon, able to crack down on me?'s a good one." Suddenly, is "locked" in one of the party and the sound of the cold, see him in many WangPinXian device, and that most of the city gold yuan package, refused to budge, the whole body is a stream of power to send out out and make all these magic weapon out the door. Bang! Magic weapon in the most intense of works.
Buy ugg boots Party cold to move. He is a big catch, a share of the origin of the force, swept on the spot, the origin of the imaginary king appeared out nicely, is a statue, tall and big, wearing a black like black, be like white the white, long robe of the old man, the eyes a open, the whole chaos was born out of the original origin.Buzzing om... ... Those who WangPinXian device and yuan gold mostly, began to appear the volatility. "Give me the broken!" Party a cold body supports, 33 days his treasure from the body fly out and into the triple the holy day thirty, condition of the force, all around rushes and fry the heaven, coming to earth.
The emerald god by firing, party cold thirty-three days his treasure offering out, sixty-four pieces of the WangPinXian shock of romantic filled, one of the great, a Dan furnace slammed opened, the inside of the spirit is a bellow. And the yuan gold mostly, one of the millions of golden mean person, all are dead, some gold the ancient god, also into dust and ashes.
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