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 Text chapter 19 intrigue ..

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Text chapter 19 intrigue
supra footwear So the vast "jade food hall", so the grand palace, it is great to have to party spirit produce unprecedented shock of cold. Feather door as sendoh, more than ten branches tao worse, he is not clear, only in a fuzzy concept. But now he really is the feel of the feather the strength of the door. What is a strength? Not move mountain and fill seas.-and have, but the basic necessities. "Let's sit down somewhere.". Red satisfying princess called party with a cold, two people walk into jade and the hall to sit down for a space.
adidas water grip This room is the shape of the table, square, very long, the very wide ShiFei wood, antique, decorative pattern, with all kinds of hollow out above a fragrance of the gas attack. "The seabed agalloch eaglewood wood!" Party a surprised, this big upon table is incredibly precious lumber, party of government for only a few of the master of the house, just following in a sea of agalloch eaglewood wood of wood, and do the "jade food hall", are all within this kind of wood, it seems, TuKeLa worthless.
supra skytops The width of a meal, also like the governor of the scale, the long catering a few more.
Especially worthy of note, dining table and a large crystal beside the pool, the pool on the flow of water, and the fish in it to flow, and the bottom of the pool, seems to be deeply faint does not see the bottom deep pools, also do not know the path. The table, there is a statue white jade extinguishers, put above all kinds of paper operator sign. "What you eat?"
buy supra shoes Red smoke a piece of paper satisfying princess operator sign, took a look, then give this paper operator lost to crystal pool, immediately have a tail, this paper fish operator away....... Not and in a short while, crystal towards the bottom of the pool, a fully a basin of the size of the water lily goes up, red bud satisfying princess put the water lily picked, dinner table, on a disc a disc to tear the bud, suddenly appeared in four dish one soup, a bowl of glittering and translucent jade, like diamonds in rice, steaming, from the bottom up, who was born in deep water lily because package, no dozen wet, it is unclean water lily aroma, moisture, a disgusting and relaxed, forefinger big move.
christian louboutin men "What would you like to have the honour upon shef, into the crystal pool operators, such as natural meeting up a water lily, water lily, is among you will eat meals." Red satisfying princess a point chopsticks. The chopsticks is exquisitely carved jade chopsticks, lakeside and intoxicates tens, people want a bite of tasted. "So magic" party cold also learn kind of a "honour upon shef smoke into the symbol" crystal pool, and it does a tail off go swimming fish, down about half a column, the sweet time, also have a large water lily bobbed up.
Women supra vaiders Pick the water lily petals, torn, and show the elegant matchless meals. Party cold had a bite, only felt full teeth left fang, a few of the looked food will be swept and empty, this just feel satisfied. "From the door, akira diet is inheritance, most health. Especially after five gas fairy pot cooking, the way this argument, but not the impurities discharge calcined off without damage of intestines and stomach, very seriously. So as long as into the door, and when a from the outside door, are many powerful disciple disciple dream of. But you are also powerful families, the fact that no etiquette and manners.".
supra skytop iii Red satisfying princess looked at party cold voracious, smile like a delicate and charming. "What am I powerful families, SIMS, a just, just some chance." Party cold chewing, the enunciation unclear. "Finally found you." Just then, a man hurried to come over, it is "far less the duke" LiuKang town, sitting down on the table. "Eating meals have no?" Party with a cold called. "Have, I come to you, because to a news. Have to discuss it with you." LiuKang put a hand, then all the look, quietly way: "I have a message, vast desert blue month countries have recently suffered a few, powerful sand bandits attack, and the human, blue month has been to the door from the kingdom out for help, there may be a schematic of the information will go to destroy the robbers we help sand."
Discount supras "Sand bandits, have so strong?" Red satisfying princess some doubts: "the blue month kingdom national strength strong, and population not a few big dynasty, but also have 10 million, shamrock sand production, excellent, steel weapons blue blood horses are violent, countries all martial in BMW, ace emerge in endlessly, has always been only WangFengErTao bandits." the sand "This information is true, I inquired about a few soft edges of the gate of the inner door, and my dad there disciple came news that the robbers, sand, also mingled with the people, be more underground worse, seems to be YaoDao, the Pope and the disciple indistinctly in which to operate." LiuKang voice of the low in: "the rumor is YaoDao, magic,
nike gladiator sandals between the way, coveted blue month of the kingdom of beauty, BMW, mineral, wealth, all kinds of treasures, and a few XuanJin. And inspire the style of several large sand bandits, and even back to their skulls. To provide every destroy countries, or won't disturb we provided that the door, door. From the elders have called some really chuan disciple leave, also can choose a few door of the disciples to experience, cut that killed fighting skill gao sand bandits, underground leader's led the will, the head back, can obtain the qualification examination for the inner door disciple!!!!!"
cheap supra shoes "What, to the inner door for the assessment of qualification?" disciple Red eyes bright. A satisfying princess Door of the disciple to promotion for the inner door disciple, have to obtain the qualification examination, and can only be assessment. Like ordinary people to become the outside door, not you will overcome the disciple power can be, but your puppet first to get the qualification examination. Party a is not get cold FangQing of snow in calligraphy, even tried to ten recommended weight change god state, it is impossible to be provided outside the door and enjoy the disciple typical day. Now the fairy
supra shoes "Not wrong, is the inner door disciple appraisal qualifications." LiuKangDao: "this is very important, because I'm afraid on the azure blue domestic placers internal, there are several XuanJin is concise style, we provided one of the eight well-resourced door 'great freedom XuanJin JianQi' perfect harmony. If let the door of the occupation, we hit very serious monsters of, so the elders are very seriously, for the three hundred and sixty-five number."
supra shoes "Vast desert, there are many strands of sand bandits, horses, many hundreds of thousands more in, the two countries at war, very seriously. Let's three joint strength also not enough, I'm afraid I have to get a few partner." "Let's power is a bit weak, so I found a high strength of the group, and by their potential." LiuKang pointed to the distant a direction. Party also look cold projected in the past, see in the distance some handsome young men and women sitting on the chair, expression, like sitting on JinLuanDian general, the strands of bearing, majesty, showed vigorous bottomless strength.
buy supra shoes"This is a few perfect the emperor sun? Dynasty, the princess." Red satisfying princess way. "Yes, it is the perfect dynasty. We want to win the royal disciple neimen disciple of the quota of people, can only and their combined, want to know, from the royal dynasty great disciple, definitely won't let us win places." LiuKang whispered. "So that's, the royal family, the struggle of the witnesses also continued to sendoh in." Hear this all the party has to take shape, in the heart is. For example LiuKang town is the son of hou far, if he becomes the inner door disciple, the town was afraid is far from limited to a rising tide lifts all boats, the royal dynasty.
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Text chapter 19 intrigue ..
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