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 The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....

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The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins..... Empty
PostSubject: The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....   The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins..... Icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 10:39 pm

Life is the world's greatest miracle. ghd hair Sifang fluctuation yue chun. Although there is solid, and Mr. Wuding place can beg. To throughout the cosmic today. Though a cosmic of growth, do not know its beginning to find. The vast universe, the mighty sky, many scientists speculate that the earth may be the only life usage. Humans actually very lonely. In the boundless universe, although there are billions of stars, but it is difficult to find the second single life source stars. But humans have never given up on the exploration, since last century have launched many spacecraft. Traveler 2 is a ship unmanned space probe, in 1977 the Kennedy space center in the United States launch.
It carries a theme of "salute" to the universe that contains the gold-plated record music and some popular with 55 languages of earth, ding record greeting in hebei one day be possible existence of extraterrestrial civilizations interception and received. From the 1970s to now, travelers have been lonely travel no.2, in the boundless universe like dust it as small.hair straighteners ghd Contemporary outer space probe, mostly or has occurred, or already interrupt signal fault, forever linked the KuJi disappeared into the universe. For thirty years, technology in the unceasing development, human beings have developed a more advanced outer space probe, maybe the near future exploration of the stars will get further development. But even so, and for a long time, new outer space probe still cannot overtake traveler 2 pace. Thirty-three years past, travelers from earth no.2 have proposed fourteen billion km. At this moment, it has reached the third cosmic speed, rail can no longer guide its FeiFan solar system, became a ship interstellar spaceships. Dark and cold, stars in the universe dots, like diamonds mounted in each crystal darkness. Travelers space probe although is exponentially, it is writed by 443479661 on 5.16 no.2, but in secluded flying with the mighty universe cold is like a little cow bug in the darkness of the earth crawl slowly. Thirty years later, in this moment, travelers today a startling discovery no.2. In KuJi universe with huge bodies, nine quiet horizontal there... May 22nd 2010, NASA receives travelers a group of no.2 passes back in information and mysterious decipher after a difficult and reduction, they see a portrait of incredible pictures. At this moment, NASA simultaneously, Lord monitoring indoor all angry, finally as a motionless, their clay sculpture in the extreme shock point.
Until after a long time they just came, and god save seethed at a draught surveillance indoor."God, I see?"How could this, can't believe it!"
Travelers already do not suffer guide, ghd hair straighteners no.2, only a single forward sends them back to this group of mysterious data information, in the slice of dark space buzzing with profound to more dark star domain. Because the slice of stars are too far away, in spite of the great discovery, caught a picture of a shocking picture, human currently are powerless. This group of mysterious information and has not been made public. But soon, the traveler 2 broke down and interrupted the signal transmission with earth. Maybe so far can picture a period, but sometimes things tend to not people's expectations. Regardless of whether the observation and research, the stars or the life and physical space science research, have unique superior environment. From 1971 manned space station Soviet union first success, so far the world has fired nine space station. June 11, 2010 at this moment, and international space station orbiting and done within a few astronauts also changed colour, pupil rapid contraction. Today, the existence of the gods, have been denied. If others continue to faith, that also just because heart emptiness and looking for a job that reposing just. But just at that moment, several space elite thoughts are under the intense impact, they see a portrait of incredible pictures. In the international space station, cold and dark outside the universe, coexisting motionless, as if the nine colossus across there have eternal, let a person feel desolate and endless remote, that is actually a dragon nine dead!
And in ancient myths of dragon generally no 2. ghd hair straightener Every body with dragons are for 100 meters, like a molten iron casting, full of shocking force feeling. Nine corpses are with dragon five claws, maybe the dragon horn dragon glittering and translucent get rid of glittering outside, dragons, violet were black, the collect body in darkness, flake bright flashing little mysterious brilliance. Dragon, the legendary exists, and god write override in the laws of nature, above. But now, the development of science, and who would believe dragon really exist? The international space station, within a few astronauts thought is strongly impact, eyes have seen let them feel unimaginable! KuJi universe, cold dragon corpse like indestructible steel wall, can even feel the carcase contains terrorist forces.
Just, they lost angry, eternal rest in a secluded cold from space. "It is......" Be deeply shocked and several space elite after the pupil of rapid contraction, again they see the more shocking picture. Nine dead with dragons are for 100 meters, in both a wankou thick tail therein TieSuo, connected to the black dragon body with after nine that slice of dark space, where a quiet hung for 20 meters bronze relative. Giant cable, thick long and hammered strong, little collect to make it appear Yin cold and clinking.
Bronze giant coffins of primitive simplicity, have above some fuzzy -the old pattern, full of years vicissitudes of life, also don't know how many years floating in space. Kowloon pull coffin! In this dark and cold universe, with dragon corpse and bronze nine by thick long black giant coffin TieSuo together, appear very shocked.
In the face of that incredible monitoring menu after a person and several space elite first issued the call signals.
"Call earth..."
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The first ZhangXingKong bronze giant coffins.....
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