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 Now he has learned

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Now he has learned Empty
PostSubject: Now he has learned   Now he has learned Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 9:24 pm

His head is absolutely not the red bear opponent.Air Jordan Shoes Just that once had let his body is no light hurt, but now the bear obviously didn't pass his meaning. He just stood up and meet him is also a huge PAWS, he was again fan flew out. A drop to the ground two blood will gush out immediately, the body's rejuvenation qi repair up the damaged the internal organs. The injury to him now, and just a few breathing time to recover, de-aging qi this moment will its powerful appeared completely come out.
If change others,Jordan Shoes such injuries were not a day or two don't want to recover. Just before he could slow lead spirit, and he was also clap fly out again, de-aging qi where his body was damaged, and it is repaired again, take fly, fly to shoot, repair GuYun completely does not have ability. So be dire bear abuse for half an hour, he just borrowed the dire bear a clap fly him hard distressed escaped. Looking at the tattered clothes, GuYun upon very depressing, he completely wondering how to just be him to play the place arctic straggling how are suddenly became a red bear, will he played no strike back ability, if it were not for regrowth today, he will be in the naive explain here.
And he doesn't know is that even depressed than his head arctic,Cheap Jordan Shoes it took a great deal of trouble to from a chase it want to catch him as mounts, who escaped the fix true in his hand came to this it where less than ace induction, just want to grasp two ran to two in front of him to add strength, have never thought the two men although state is not high, but speed is faster than it, plus it is tired, unexpectedly let that two people to run, it makes it very is not great, to those trees, after a vent to anger it only got two ordinary beast added in time physical strength.
And this place actually don't add anything to the spirit of the spirit force drug,Air Jordan Shoes very not easy fruit in it just found a cavern restored a little spirit force, again to a man, and the man started with its strength, but also about myself back into toast. This makes it in anger again change, once in front by the group is the fix true force had no way out, without warning, after the change, and in the end it will that group of chasing its fix true, it all back to escape them.
Just this once it becomes the man behind though also does not have the strength to play,Nike air jordans but this man but how also dozen deathless, clearly see every time he injured, but for a while later, hematemesis and everything he had, playing a half-day finally let him to run, and its own change near the end of the time, this makes it wants to chase also helpless, because after change it become very tired, will soon fall into a deep sleep. Take out some trees again later, it change to change back the head end arctic is back to the cave and go to bed.
GuYun is a distressed back home,jordan sneakers saw him a tattered clothes. GuYun mother got a fright, hurriedly ask him what happened, etc GuYun will what happened today after said again. BingWu heel just from the house out of the police had one eye, all view from each other's eyes saw rejoice. The view also laughed after a GuYun shoulder patted said: "son, your good luck, such good thing can let you touch get ah".
GuYun hear father so say more depressed, almost be the bear to kill,Air Jordan Shoes return to a home, didn't get the comfort also said he never good luck, this consider as what things well. See GuYun appearance, GuYun BingWu just smiled and said: "xiao yun, you know you've met today what is the bear?". "Certainly is bear ah, but also a psychic period of demon beast arctic". Hear the mother's words, GuYun replied "ha ha, you've met today is not a psychic period of demon beast". Hear GuYun answer, BingWu ha ha a smile.
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Now he has learned
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