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PostSubject: 6. Braun..   6. Braun.. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 9:54 am

Wake up ChuMing discovery has gone in the evening,Air Jordan Shoes the time will be rubbing her eyes and several plays a bed, to the side of the face, big washed, breath since speech way: "is really haven't slept so beautiful a nap anymore.""Smelly boy's sleep very happy!" Word came that frighten beside ChuMing hurriedly stepped back.Lu had laughed, saying: "I didn't expect you to boy is very astute ah, is really a block of practising kung fu, but your feeding the fairy wind pride and alert understanding with the character, did not know is as good and not sexual yo."ChuMing listened to a smile: "lu grandpa really will praise man ah, even the complimentary way are not generally."Lu had white his one eye, way: "you obedient will hear half? My kua you?"
ChuMing ha a sigh of relief, eyes shut,Jordan Shoes his hands behind his head, rack in easy way: "my ears always like to hear good, bad is the left ear come in, your right ear is automatic vent out."Lu had seen this boy eloquence of tight, then don't do more words, leave 1: "I go out, you give me the darling stay don't run!"Words and finish, lu had to go out and again.ChuMing also freely should a voice, and then the track: "very not easy come qingzhou this fun place, how may stay in the room the well, you old said with didn't say the same."Then little to wait a minute, then walk walk out the door.Go just didn't ride a few paces, before looking at the room, not curious, go up knocked to knock at the door, there is no any reflection, ChuMing also disagree, thinking is surely has rested, the ride is tired days down doubt it will.
Leave inn, ChuMing decide to qingzhou city streets around,Cheap Jordan Shoes a year did not come, slightly or changed a little.Although it was nearly dark, but qingzhou after-market vendors seem to like the city has no plans to pack of appearance, would have stood in the left, a loud Shouting kiosk, turned to the right in a loud, do people Shouting from the face and special, a two stepped forward to see touch, although few people really bought, but also give the after-market vendors added some prosperous, vendors are also busy not also, most propbably is warm while this triennial meeting of the upcoming medical poison conference this time, good make a pen.Qingzhou city that three-ring alpine also very underfoot, directly impactsyunsiao, many boring and also in hotel upstairs, downsizing now watching window, exposed a few words of regrets a words, the feeling of a small town of god wall.
Tu saw a rocking fan,Nike air jordans tsing yi scholar of walking alone in ChuMing saw its flow, unique, in body shows so big street, unexpectedly unmanned hit walking upright, mo said he bumped into, even the intellectual scholar thy skirts didn't also encounter, this lets careful watch, thinking he ChuMing produce surprised the world body can surely ye is rare.The tsing yi scholar, leisurely and walked a few steps, paused for a moment, then select a three-ring mountains, wan son smile, lang way: "cool breeze, alone leaves, as both trees 100 grass frets. But Mr. GaoShanZhou active at the Orleans as three-ring, of the world, then at the height difference, the feeling of lost jiuzhou chi lang, remote several years away. Cool breeze, alone leaves don't store over to ask, where the Hellenic, without smell also!"
ChuMing to hear this person,jordan sneakers not from everlasting sorrow words in lanshi reminds, do not know her this time and wolves in dry? Suddenly this thought, is also make themselves into silence.Always I think, suddenly ChuMing feel a bump on by something, then fall, look up instantly, see a tonnage dye-in-the-wood big fatty left a broadsword, the right hand a chicken leg, return in mouth with greasy chicken, despise looking at him.ChuMingFei like climbing up, angry shouted, "die fatty, you walk not long eye!"The fat man saw the wrath ChuMing scold yourself, have to feel funny up: "a person trample, will use the ant eyes? Boy, comes home to find your mama drink enough milk to out and walked, or dangerous, ha ha ha ha."
What is ChuMing saw him, immediately added fuel to the fire,Air Jordan Shoes rowdy scold a way: "what person trample ants ah, I see you are a dog looks down other people, I mean, the pig saw lower, your grandpa I moonlight in here, a personal stand what pig eyesight ah you?"Pedestrian saw this lively, surround up and listen ChuMing this scold, unknowingly laughter, let the fatty produce embarrassed.The fatty see public with amused look at yourself, the eyes look again ChuMing that a pair of pleased, and finally to anger, way: "smelly boy mouths very sordid, which raise little bastard ah, come immediately brought, lest grandpa me a unhappy chop eat."The person you see my view, I look at you, then focused on ChuMing.ChuMing evil say with smile: "you what land, land, you are here in grandpa, I how not bashful throw your face, darling, as I walk faster author can't lose you fat beasts, otherwise it is vain big kui?"
They smell speech, a burst of laughter,Air Jordan Shoes which ran the blarney stone, swear up to really didn't look at that fat man running a red face green of, when was so it stayed to scold ran.fat man was this scold, is provoke, lun the hands on noises.then broadsword ChuMing head, will cut off ChuMing split into two halves impulse.Chu KouKuai this to be impulsive, don't want the fatty direct lun sword cut up, and this ChuMing didn't frighten of reflection to come over. On the sidelines of the people also have never thought this fatty direct lun knife, consternation of not nasty also came to stop seeing the stepped ChuMing as firewood sword will split, don't want this fatty running he made lived, motionless, eyes abrupt, like not believe, after witnessing what happened, first as a sigh of relief, you spit on the eyes, also is very surprised.
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6. Braun..
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