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 To keep the realm of repair

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To keep the realm of repair Empty
PostSubject: To keep the realm of repair   To keep the realm of repair Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 3:05 am

They shot DanTian word,Adidas Sandals the meridians fracture, destroyed, who in these fix eyes fatal injury also is a problem. The practice of Chinese poetry realm is the doctor's fate is the basic of existing, because even fix the uniting the baby out $was destroyed, just go, they can in time for you to recover. And the legendary not out of the realm, if his medical practice in your side, as long as is not being a recruit played out destroyed rig, you need not to samsara.
Want to know, yuan baby who with meridians but fix the lifeblood of destroyed at all,Air Jordans much less and less, the practice of infant period to yuan, it is you who consumed flesh, yuan baby generally still can dun out escape. Therefore these advanced fix healers who was repairing the status of the eyes, basically, even against a fix for the higher than your big margin, nor the fix true anyone going to offend a no force fix proiders. Just fix medical need talent is too demanding and no any attack means. So, in the empire and the number of providers to repair the practice is not too much, senior medical who more less. The entire empire doctors repaired under the doctor to physicians, thousands of people had left this state of hundreds of, de-aging realm is the entire empire dozen Chinese poetry is current YiShen door supremo not destroy border, repair healers who also just in legends emerged.
YiShen outside door is the door by some want to fix the medical and talent and not the composition,Nike Sandals they fix YiShen door BangZhi uniting of some LianDan uniting the attack, some, make proiders tao tao uniting the attack, though not to, doesn't mean they don't attack of uniting the tao, but these people can be repaired again after uniting the other medical skills can be caused by. The practice of uniting the attack these tao neimen those who were became the protector of the medical practice, and YiShen door in uniting in other big than uniting stoic.it faster, here you don't have to worry about what could go wrong, refined work and have all kinds of LingShi Dan medicine auxiliary practicing. YiShen door but empire's richest a affiliation. Of course, also not is what person all can enter the door, uniting the better, the more talent to get better LingShi variety magazin with Dan medicine auxiliary. Even so, the YiShen door the door is also a powerful empire force sectarian, plus the neimen who YiShen senior medical practice, the door was worthy is the super sectarian empire.
In tests all children town finished peace after the tests member,jordan sneakers a face of lost left, found such a good cultivation talent children, but it is such physique, let him is very helpless, was also want to rely on this a credit for a better future, but now it is no hope. GuYun parents after he left, also with a small GuYun return to the home, after the view straight back GuYun call side asked: "xiao yun, just said the man you now have a terminal illness and will soon be dead, dead later you will to a forever the dark places, never see me with your mother, I now have to make you don't go to that place, but the rest of your days will be very hard, and you choose which kind of".
For a child who is only five years old, Vibram Fivefingers death is not terrible, but to a dark and still see your parents forever are places very let they fear. When little GuYun almost immediately a jump on mother's bosom call way: "I don't want to die, I'm far from you, I don't want to hear." and in that answer, son of view haha great laughed "ok, not the kui is my son", and the ancient GuYun said "turning to son, you remember you said today, you are far".
Her eyes filmed over little GuYun very powerfully nodded,Air Jordans then fall asleep in her mother's arms. Then GuYun mother turned to view asks: "the wind elder brother, now you intend to do". "Do we not have a roll of WaiGong uniting the method? Let xiao yun cultivation it, then energy absorbed by the flesh, it's not easy also meridians destroyed and less likely to be energy hold burst. Tonight I again to that YiShen door a trip to borrow them, the medical use, let xiao yun to uniting the these two kinds of skills and should be no more, then what big problem!". If we let others view then said, hear will think this is a madman, to YiShen door to steal their town, put aside the door who keep treasure in the masters, who aside: yes ZhenFa everywhere, estimates that even a mahayana period player won't come out from the inside. And now in the ancient people eye is not that big player.
"Well, it looks like also can such ah, MBT Sandals just that WaiGong cultivation but very variable. State ah, xiao yun can lasts?" GuYun mother is not worried about YiShen door can view from inside out, just worry about medical GuYun uniting WaiGong can snap that. "Hang in there, later has soared, doesn't pull down, then ~ ~, how will see after the boy himself", look at the sleeping GuYun view sigh, after word.
GuYun mother is glanced down the arms of the GuYun cansilently said,jordan sneakers child, you can, must persist ah. Midnight, a light shadow GuYun home from the window, and the savoir wink disappears in the distant sky, fast terrifying. Thus, GuYun parents is not the people's eyes fix for gas phase of refined, he can YiShen door from the medical?
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To keep the realm of repair
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