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 Said here, have to say about this YiShen door

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Said here, have to say about this YiShen door Empty
PostSubject: Said here, have to say about this YiShen door   Said here, have to say about this YiShen door Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 7:49 am

Yin and Yang is incredibly rejects bite body,Adidas Sandals only in books recorded above this damn physique, responsible for testing on the spot meng, who BuXinXie also tested him twice, but it is still the same, the result let him look a bit colourless. Because this constitution is positive, who attributes half is negative, and the half constitution also automatically engulf any attribute aggrandize itself, the energy will engulf the older the more powerful. Of course, want to just so that this is simply the best uniting the constitution.
But the problem is this kind of energy is engulfed can't control.Air Jordans They will only in the meridians, laid in the time when laid to a certain amount, two kinds of energy will with faction, is, will the consequences of a human body, the sort of the form energizing the meridians therein damage every day of the deep soul produced the pain of death man alive. Pain Or your meridians to withstand of their temporary damage in that pain came in, but they ao to those who cannot control gobble up the energy will slowly will you hold explosion.
This GuYun incredibly is this constitution,Nike Sandals now look like also nothing important matter general, that's just because he was young, the physique swallowed enough energy, if again in a couple years, the two energy with faction, age GuYun afraid is small in that whole body meridian fracture, tore heart crack lung of painful death, and tortured in body such as he pulse, spirit might make them with faction of the time more in advance.
Days, days jealous jealous person talent! jordan sneakersSo good, but this deadly uniting the talent of the constitution. This time the yuan baby period test member also just came to this sentence. GuYun parents did not imagine the panic, they just in the test with a small player puts forward to want to GuYun YiShen door to ask sure no treatment, get in not sure, but can decrease relatively when GuYun pain. His parents agreed to in this final time, don't want to spend more time with children separated.
This kind of test member also no longer advised,Vibram Fivefingers after all, like YiShen door this massive sectarian, for this one will have no background child therapy are problems, even if they would like GuYun this extremely rare terminal illness, they are cured. YiShen door is now one of the largest empire, divided into a sectarian outside door, the person with the inner who all is repairing proiders.
Medical practice is the entire empire that most people are yearning a faction,Air Jordans every senior fix providers in the empire has high status, because a senior medical practice in the role of the battlefield that but uncounted, even in can determine the success or failure of a war of characters. As long as a senior healing spells or dying down, just the disabled immediately, and still a pretty big injuries, so the medical practice in the empire's position is cans be imagined.
Medical practice is divided into: the state medical virgin, medical ACTS,MBT Sandals doctors, physicians and rejuvenation, Chinese poetry, not out of seven realm, physicians following border is basically to treat some internal and external injury and disease common, though rarely sick who is repaired, but that is only said common disease, actually fix and has the more trouble than ordinary people, like fighting injuries by ah, acrobatics practice the meridians disorders, such as run amok ah the is regularly will appear if appear this kind of problem, ever,jordan sneakers these fix who some busy.
And looking for drug therapy and meditation aftercare, waste time fix for great is falling one big chunk. The emergence of repair healers who say is let them big worry of Labour, although doctors repaired under the doctor can only treat some general symptoms such as internal and external injury, but once at the doctors this realm your limbs as even dropped, as long as he can still in providing for you took up, the meridians disorder shift in their eye that is the problem.
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Said here, have to say about this YiShen door
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