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 Allow Me to Introduce Myself... I'm Andy.

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PostSubject: Allow Me to Introduce Myself... I'm Andy.   Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:29 pm

Hey guys, Andy G. from Glenforest Secondary School here, pleased to meet all of you & I'm looking forward to hanging out with you guys next time we get a chance to. Maybe.

In any case, I'll introduce myself. I've been in IB since Grade 9 at Glenforest, and I've enjoyed it. Personally, I don't know why others are so stressed. My philosophy is party & relax, and the marks will come. I don't recommend you guys abide by my life philosophy, and I actually warn against it. People have gotten hurt trying to fill a bigger footprint. Wink

I enjoy DJing, partying, public speaking, and taking long walks on the beach. Short walks are preferred, though. Saves more time for the beach volleyball game after. king

Wow, my laptop's getting hot.

Anyways, people say I'm useful in IBSL & IBSLO meetings because I'm controversial and I enjoy stirring things up. I speak my mind, which gets me in trouble, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well, I left a knife in my fork drawer and my cat needs flossing, so I've gotta go.

Later guys, gimme a shout next time you're down at an IBSLO meeting. I'll be the suave guy surrounded by hot nerdy girls guys.
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Allow Me to Introduce Myself... I'm Andy.
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